How Do You Apply to Stellenbosch University?

How Do You Apply to Stellenbosch University?

You can apply to Stellenbosch University by completing an online application form or by downloading an application, completing it and mailing it to the university. You also have to submit additional documents and pay an application fee.

Before applying to Stellenbosch University, it is important to choose your course of study. Read the faculty's admission guidelines and ensure you meet the minimum requirements. Take note of the application closing dates so you do not submit your application documents late.

Read on how applications are considered at this university. Some courses have a rigorous admission process and you may have to submit an alternative course of study in case you are not admitted to your first choice.

To apply online, you need your cellphone number and an email address. If you do not have access to the Internet, download the application form, complete it and mail it to the university. There is also a compulsory responsibility form that students and their parents must complete individually.

Students with special learning disabilities must also complete a form. There are nonacademic forms for students who want admission in specific programs. To ensure you have submitted all the required forms, check your application status online.

Pay the application fees by postal order or check. You may also visit the university and pay in cash. You have to complete the national benchmark test before June if you wish to study medicine and health sciences or law. For all other courses, you must complete the national benchmark test before registering as a student.