How Do You Apply for Oprah Winfrey's Scholarship Program?

To apply for the Oprah Winfrey Endowment Fund Scholarship, you must be attending Morehouse College full-time and contact the fund at (404) 681-2800 or Other qualifications include U.S. citizenship, a diploma and a pursuit of academic excellence, besides the need for assistance, as of 2015.

Oprah has given millions of dollars to Morehouse through her endowment fund, and she is the college's top donor. Oprah stated during her 1989 commencement that she chooses to give to Morehouse, which Martin Luther King Jr. attended, because it empowers black men, and empowering black men changes the world.

Recipients of this scholarship, known as the "Sons of Oprah," have a history of continuing their patron's philanthropic legacy. Many of these students graduate and give back to the fund so that the scholarship can continue to provide opportunities for young men in need. Others choose to give back to their communities through supporting other scholarships or by participating in volunteer work.

During one of Oprah's farewell episodes, she was surprised by 300 recipients of her scholarship, all of whom credit Oprah with giving them otherwise unreachable opportunities. Oprah was overwhelmed by the impact her donations had at the school and by the lives she had touched. Seeing what her donations meant to the educated, empowered black men brought Oprah to tears.