How Do You Apply to the Ole Miss Office of Admissions?

How Do You Apply to the Ole Miss Office of Admissions?

Apply to Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi, online or by mail. Application steps vary based on enrollment type, such as freshman, transfer or readmission. Freshman applications require official high school transcripts and official standardized test scores, while transfer applications require college transcripts.

  1. Gather freshman admission documents

    As of 2014, Ole Miss requires freshman applicants to provide high school transcripts, official standardized test scores, senior course schedule, and a completed online or paper application. Non-resident applicants must include additional information, such as extensive course details, school and community involvement and special life experiences.

  2. Gather transfer admission documents

    Transfer students must supply the University of Mississippi with official high school and college transcripts. College transcripts must show a minimum 2.0 GPA to qualify for admission.

  3. Complete the official application

    Visit the University of Mississippi Office of Admissions to acquire an official application based upon enrollment type. Applications may also be downloaded and printed or filled-out and submitted online. Application requires contact information, parent or legal guardian information, personal statements and supporting documents.

  4. Submit application to the Office of Admissions

    Submit the completed application with the appropriate fee. As of October 2014, the application fee is $40 for Mississippi residents and $60 for non-residents.