How Do You Apply to a Nursing Program at a University?

To apply to a nursing program at a university, visit the university website's Admissions section to determine that university's application requirements. An applicant usually must complete an application form and send her high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores and letters of recommendation to apply. In some cases, the high school transcript must show that the student has completed courses such as math and science with a lab.

The University of Michigan School of Nursing requires the Common Application, two essays and an application fee or fee waiver request to start the application. The application is complete when the school receives the student's high school transcript, SAT or ACT, a school report and a teacher evaluation. Students who are not native speakers of English must also score from an English proficiency exam such as the TOEFL. Transfer students must submit college transcripts showing specific nursing pre-requisite courses.

Drexel University's College of Nursing and Health Professions also requires the Common Application, transcripts, SAT or ACT scores and application fee. It requires two letters of recommendation. The high school transcript must show three years of math and two of lab science.

The University of California at Los Angeles has a special School of Nursing Supplemental Application for freshman applicants.