How Do You Apply for a Medical Assistant Exam?

How Do You Apply for a Medical Assistant Exam?

Candidates can apply for the medical assistant exam by verifying eligibility, collecting needed documents, determining testing period and applying online on the American Association of Medical Assistants website, or AAMA. Before applying for the exam, make sure to have read the AAMA candidate application and handbook completely.

Exam candidates can use the following steps provided by AAMA to apply for the medical assistant exam:

  1. Determine eligibility
  2. The initial step is to determine eligibility category and what documents are needed. For example, candidates who did not recently graduate from a medical assistant program need an official transcript to apply.

  3. Gather documentation
  4. Gather together all required documentation for the specific category of eligibility.

  5. Review exam policies
  6. Read and understand all exam policies and information before applying.

  7. Determine 90-day testing period
  8. Take the exam within the 90 days from the start of the testing period. Applications must be received 2 to 4 weeks before the testing period start date.

  9. Apply for the exam
  10. Complete the application for the medical assistant exam online at the AAMA website or mail it to the address noted on the site. Include the exam fee and required documentation with the application.

  11. Schedule the exam
  12. Receive a scheduling permit once the application has been accepted. This permit can be used to schedule the exam.