How Do You Apply to a High School?

How Do You Apply to a High School?

The admissions process for high schools varies depending on whether the school is public or private, and the application process typically involves filling out paperwork, submitting previous school records and possibly taking admissions tests. Other common requirements include proving residency for public schools, submitting health records and paying student fees, suggests Cincinnati Public Schools.

To apply to a high school, follow this procedure.

  1. Check the school's website for admissions requirements
  2. Private and public school websites usually have admissions sections that detail the specific paperwork and materials that need to be submitted, in addition to testing requirements and details about any open houses for the school.

  3. Start the application process
  4. Depending on the school, the parent may be able to start the application process online or download an application to mail to the school, although the parent may need to schedule an appointment to meet someone at the school. In addition to filling out the enrollment paperwork, the parent should be prepared to show proof of age and residency and submit health records if the school requests them.

  5. Complete any additional admissions requirements
  6. Before the child can attend the school, the parent usually needs to submit copies of previous academic records for both private and public schools. Private school admission may require additional items like standardized test results, a baptismal certificate and teacher recommendations, notes St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School. The parent can check with the school to find out if enrollment is successful or if any additional documentation needs to be submitted.