How Do You Apply for Elgin Community College?

How Do You Apply for Elgin Community College?

To become an Elgin Community College student, complete an application for admission, submit transcripts, demonstrate minimum competencies and register for classes. Elgin Community College is an open enrollment school, meaning students may attend any class as long as they meet the minimum competency requirements.

Elgin Community College has an application for admission uploaded onto its website. Students may either apply online or download the form and turn in a paper copy. If desired, students may apply for student aid.

The next step is to obtain high school transcripts and turn them in. International students need to have their high school transcripts translated before submitting them.

Elgin has three minimum competencies that new students must meet as of 2015. They may meet the reading competency with their ACT scores, a placement test or a "C" grade in a preparatory course. They can meet the writing and math competencies in the same way.

Students who are still in high school may enroll in select programs. These programs are only available to students in local district high schools.

In addition to having their transcripts translated, international students must complete a separate application and pay a processing fee. They must also provide evidence of financial support in the form of bank statements and certifications. An Affidavit of Sponsorship is also necessary for international students.