How Do You Apply to Community College?

How Do You Apply to Community College?

Although community colleges' procedures differ, applying typically involves filling out an application form, which may also require declaring a major. Evidence of high school graduation and a transcript, or evidence of a GED and SAT scores are sometimes required.

Some community colleges require SAT or ACT scores. Other community colleges do not require the ACT or SAT unless the student is applying for a certain program, such as nursing. Some schools may require assessments to determine class placement. If the school is a local community college, it may require proof of residency to determine the cost of tuition.

A community college may also require an appointment with an adviser to go over information and plan classes. This meeting is important, since the adviser can help students get into certain programs and classes that can have an impact on a student's success.

Community colleges also accept Advanced Placement test results if the applicant has passed. These tests can count as credits towards a diploma program.

Applying to a community college is usually a very smooth process, and the advisers at the school typically offer guidance and answer any questions along the way. Each school's website is also a great resource for information on how to apply.