How Do You Apply for the Civil Service Exam?


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The application process for a civil service exam varies by state; however, most states provide an online portal for job seekers to complete an application. Applicants can also visit a local city office to complete an application that requests personal information, such as an address and contact number, as well as a list of the candidate's job experience, skills and education.

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Some states require that job seekers pay an application fee prior to taking a civil service exam. The application may also request contact information for professional references. Individuals completing an online application are prompted to fill out the personal and professional details and then directed to the online exam after processing payment.

Civil service exams are not always available throughout the year. Some states designate specific testing dates to take tests online or establish a testing date and site for people to take the test on-site. Most states offer both civil service exams that are open to the public, as well as promotion exams for existing employees.

Job seekers may be required to complete an application months or weeks prior to taking the exam to determine if eligibility criteria has been met, such as work experience or a required level of education for the position.

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