How Do You Apply for Christian School Grants?


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To apply for Christian school grants, first gather all financial documents, including two years of tax returns, W-2 documents, bank statements and your most recent pay stubs. Search for grants from the school where your child was admitted, regional foundations and private school associations. Apply for the grants for which you qualify, completing all paperwork and requirements.

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Many private schools offer scholarships, grants and tuition reduction programs. These applications are separate from the admissions applications and typically have a deadline for the upcoming school year. Research local foundations and nonprofit organizations that offer tuition programs. Many of these programs have to approve the family and the school attended, so closely read all application instructions. Contact Christian school associations in your state to discover any grants or scholarship funds from business tax credit programs or private donations.

Fill out each application completely and honestly. Some programs follow up with possible candidates with one-on-one interviews. Always turn in the paperwork before the deadline, and comply with any program rules to ensure your child receives the grants or scholarships available.

Grant applications require a review of your financial situation to determine whether you qualify for particular grant amounts. Having these prepared before your search saves time, but it also allows you to filter out applications for which you may not qualify. If you are self-employed or do not receive a typical pay check with a pay stub, filter your bank statement to show all income deposits, and print that as proof of income.

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