How Do You Apply for Admission to the University of Texas in Austin?

How Do You Apply for Admission to the University of Texas in Austin?

Freshmen and transfer students can apply for admission to the University of Texas in Austin by submitting an online application and paying an application fee. They also have to submit two essays.

Freshmen applicants have to submit their official high school transcripts that report all the courses they have taken during high school. If their high schools do not rank students, applicants have to send a statement from the school that explains its policy. They also have to provide a grade distribution report. Applicants who have completed college courses while in high school need to submit their unofficial transcripts.

Applicants have to fill out the student information form, describing their expected family contribution to their educational costs. Applicants have to ask test agencies to supply official reports of scores they earned on the ACT Plus Writing exams or SAT Reasoning. International applicants must also submit their TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Freshman and transfer applicants have to provide any additional items required by the majors they have selected as their first and second choices. Non-U.S. citizens who are permanent residents in the United States need to submit a copy of their permanent resident cards. The university highly recommends that freshman applicants provide an expanded resume and a letter of recommendation.

Candidates who have at least 30 semester hours of required transferable coursework at another institution can apply for transfer admission. Transfer applicants have to submit their official college or university transcripts. They also have to send an expanded resume, describing their achievements.