How Do You Apply for Admission to Auto-Body Repair School?

How Do You Apply for Admission to Auto-Body Repair School?

Depending on the auto body repair school, individuals may need to either meet with an admissions advisor to begin the application process or submit an application online themselves, notes Auto body repair programs are commonly available at two-year colleges and specialty career schools, and they focus on providing hands-on training doing exterior vehicle repairs.

To apply to an auto body repair school, follow the steps below as noted by

  1. Check admissions requirements
  2. Check the college or trade school's requirements for admission into the auto body repair program. This information is often available in the school's catalog but may also be on the program's page on the school's website.

  3. Contact an admissions representative if necessary
  4. Some trade schools require that prospective students request more information and speak to an admissions representative before they apply. If the chosen school requires this, fill out the form to request more information about the auto body program and to get in contact with a representative.

  5. Fill out the application
  6. If the school has an application form on its website, fill in the information asked, submit any needed documentation, such as high school transcripts, and then submit the application. After receiving the admissions decision, contact the school for information about applying for financial aid, taking any placement tests and enrolling in courses.

An auto body repair program may lead to a diploma or certificate. Some example courses include repair estimation, automotive refinishing, custom painting, shop operations and a co-op education component.