What Is an Apartment Maintenance Test?

An apartment maintenance test is a test given to certify apartment maintenance technicians. To pass the test, potential maintenance technicians must attend nontechnical and technical courses. When a candidate passes the test, he receives a property maintenance craftsman license.

The nontechnical courses include business, people, project and profit classes. It is through these classes that candidates learn all the aspects of apartment management and the monetary end of the industry. The technical courses include learning how to inspect and repair plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and appliances. In addition to inspection and repair, students learn how to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on every aspect of the inside and outside of the apartment or other rental housing.

To take the test, one must have at least one year of experience in the apartment housing industry and must attend 90 hours of online training and hands-on practice training. A candidate must have done so no longer than 24 months before applying to take the test.

In addition to obtaining a property maintenance craftsman license, individuals who successfully pass the tests are able to get jobs in apartment complexes, discounts on industry products to use in their jobs and a listing in the national publication as a certificate holder.