How Do You Find Answers to General Knowledge Questions?


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Use a traditional printed encyclopedia or school textbook on a relevant subject matter to find the answer to a general question. Numerous websites also provide answers to these kinds of questions, and searching through these sites makes it easy to find the appropriate information.

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Prior to the development of the Internet, physical media such as encyclopedias and printed textbooks were the best way to find the answers to questions. These resources are still available and encyclopedias provide a great deal of information about a wide range of subjects, including those commonly considered general knowledge. Textbooks are more specialized but also provide information that can answer a question. The problems with these resources, however, are that they are not interactive and the layout requires an understanding of where to look in terms of an answer.

Websites solve this problem by providing a vast amount of information with an interactive layout that makes searching easier. Simply type a question into the search bar of this type of website and the correct answer comes up for the question. Additional information and related topics also comes up on these kinds of sites, providing the answer to the question and more knowledge that expands upon that subject. Online and digital encyclopedias exist, but have some of the same weaknesses of printed texts, since a search using a question is not always effective.

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