How Do You Get Help With Answers to Fraction Problems?

Find answers to fraction problems by consulting the answer key that accompanies a math text, such as the keys that accompany the Jump Math or Saxon series. Consult fraction videos on Khan Academy or sign up for a tutor to learn how to perform better on fraction problems.

Some answer keys are available online. You need a Jump Math website account, which you can create for free, in order to access its answer keys. Hard copies of the answer keys for Saxon Math are available from Christian Book Distributor's website, including those that deal with fraction problems.

While Khan Academy does not provide answers to textbook problems, it does show students how to work through fraction problems to get the right answers. To locate fraction videos, go to the website's math section and either click on the relevant math category or grade level. As of 2016, fraction topics covered in videos include Plotting Basic Fractions on the Number Line, Creating a Fraction Through Division of Whole Numbers,

Mixed Numbers on a Number Line, Adding Mixed Numbers and Adding Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators.

Search for math tutors for fraction help on the WyzAnt website by typing "Math" into the website's search engine.