How Do You Find Answers for Biology Study Guide Questions?


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Websites such as Sparknotes.com and Quizlet.com are useful resources for finding answers to biology study guide questions. Some require you to sign up for an account to view the information, while others are easily accessible. You may also contact your instructor for assistance, as some of the study guide questions may not be available online or may require more in-depth explanations. Working with a tutor or study group may also be beneficial.

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Sparknotes covers of a variety of sub-topics within biology that are categorized on the site. There are numerous sections pertaining to common biology topics such as cell structure, microorganisms, plants and animal behavior.

When using Quizlet.com, be sure to locate the subject matter and specific chapter so that the answers you are looking for are better categorized. One benefits of using Quizlet.com is that some resources have been posted by actual instructors who have created materials specific to their courses. If your instructor has a Quizlet account, make sure you ask for her user name to make locating the supplemental information easier. Also, be mindful that some users are not instructors and that some answers that they post could be inaccurate. In those cases, it is wise to consult a variety of sources.

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