Are Answers Available for Biology Junction Study Guides?

Biology Junction study guides contain practice quizzes that reveal the correct answer to every question upon clicking the "Check Your Work" bottom at the bottom of the web page. However, Biology Junction does not provide a separate page for their answer keys.

Biology Junction study guides consist of a short page listing basic concepts students should work on, and a practice quiz covering the knowledge the student should have gained while studying these concepts. For example, if the student is studying the Chemistry of Life for the AP Biology Exam, they are told to work on learning what characterizes a prokaryotic cell. Each quiz has an answer key available.

The answer key for the quizzes is not on a separate page, but is an integrated part of the quiz, revealed when clicking the "Check Your Work" button upon completing the quiz. In order to view the answers, it is necessary to visit the quiz page and click this button to reveal any possible errors.