What Is Another Word for "babysitter"?

another-word-babysitter Credit: Adie Bush/Cultura/Getty Images

Another word for "babysitter" is caregiver. Additional synonyms, though differing slightly in employment duties, include child-minder, nanny, governess, au pair, child care worker and day care provider.

The term babysitter, also spelled baby-sitter, originated in the mid-1900s. Typically, a babysitter's role is defined as providing care for a child for a few hours or a day while the child's parents are away. The roles of a nanny and au pair, on the other hand, apply to everyday, full-time caregivers or live-in caregivers. The role of a governess, an uncommon term in modern English, refers to women who are live-in caregivers and who also tutor the children they supervise.