What Is an Ambigram Tattoo Generator?


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An ambigram tattoo generator is an online program that generates a font that appears as the same word when viewed from either direction. Online ambigram generators allow the user to enter a desired word and view it in one or more ambigram fonts.

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An ambigram is a word or phrase designed in such a way that it is read the same whether viewed right side up or upside down. Ambigrams are popular for uses such as logos and tattoos. As of 2015, it is difficult to find a functional ambigram generator online; however, it should be possible to construct an ambigram by studying examples such as those available on TripWireMagazine.com or WowTattoos.com.

To construct an ambigram, write the desired word or phrase twice, with the second iteration written backward below the first. The letters that line up vertically are the letters that should be combined in the ambigram. For example, in an ambigram of the word "heaven," the letter "v" needs to look like the letter "a" when read upside down. Capital letters are, therefore, a good choice for an ambigram of "heaven" because a capital "a" looks similar to an upside down capital "v." For longer or more complex words, choosing a font with serifs or excess detailing may aid in creating an ambigram.

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