What Are Some Alternative Names for Grandfathers?


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Some alternative names for grandfathers are Pop, Pop-Pop, Popsi, Grandpa, Papi, Granddaddy, Gramps or Grampy. Some trendier alternatives are G-Pa, G-Dawg, Buck, Buzz, Poppers or Grandude.

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Zaide or Zeydeh are typical Yiddish names for grandfather and sometimes used by American Jews. In French, the term is known as Pépère or Grand-père, while in Spanish-speaking cultures, grandfathers are usually Abuelos or Abuelitos. Germans call their grandfathers either Grossvader or Opa.

In some languages, the name changes depending on if the grandfather is maternal or paternal. For example, in Cantonese, the paternal grandfather is known as Yeh Yeh, while the maternal one is Gong Gong.

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