What Are Some ALT Codes for the Spanish Alphabet?

What Are Some ALT Codes for the Spanish Alphabet?

Some keyboard codes for typing Spanish alphabet characters include ALT+0241 for ñ, ALT+0237 for í and ALT+0233 for é. Other commonly used ALT codes for Spanish writing including ALT+0191 for an inverted question mark and ALT+0161 for an inverted exclamation point.

Additional important Spanish accent codes are ALT+0225 for á, ALT+0250 for ú and ALT+0243 for ó. ALT codes apply to Windows-based computers only and can be used in any Windows application, including Web browsers.

For Macintosh computers, ALT codes do not apply. Instead, those who wish to type Spanish letters and symbols can use the Option key. The acute (right-leaning) accent requires typing Option+E followed by the desired lowercase or capitalized vowel. Writers can create an ñ by typing Option+N, then a lowercase or uppercase N.

HTML Accent codes for Spanish characters are different and involve the use of an ampersand and a specific set of letters.

An alternative to using ALT and Option codes is to download and install the Spanish Windows international keyboard or purchase keyboard software or hardware compatible with the Spanish language. A separate set of codes exists for typing Spanish characters with an international keyboard.

There are separate keyboard input codes for Spanish minority languages, such as Basque and Catalan.