What Is the Aesop Substitute Teaching System?

The Aesop substitute teaching system is an automated system that notifies substitute teachers of open positions by phone or Internet. Using pre-entered information regarding required qualifications and preferences, substitutes and administrators receive immediate notice of openings when a teacher registers an absence in the system.

Aesop is web-based and requires no hardware or software installation. Administrators assign specific skills or qualifications required of substitutes and identify preferred substitutes by classroom in the system so that the best matched substitutes receive notification of openings first. School administrators control the data, which is stored in Aesop and readily accessible through a secure online connection.

Administrators can automatically approve absences through Aesop, send related alerts to school personnel,and track absences and the reasons for absences by employee. Administrators can also generate a variety of standard reports in Aesop, or use the system to tailor customized reports.

Substitute teachers enter days of availability and school preferences directly into Aesop and have 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to the system via phone or Internet. This access makes it possible for substitutes to proactively control their schedules by checking the system to identify jobs that are entered substantially in advance or in the middle of the night for the next day. Substitutes update their personal information and preferences directly in the system.