What Is the AES Student Success Program?


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The AES Student Success program is an academic program that helps Academic Excellence Scholarship students to maintain the requirements of their scholarship. The program covers every student who does not meet the requirements of the AES program at the end of a semester.

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AES requires students to achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 or higher. They must complete a total of 30 University of Texas Dallas credit hours for the academic year. AES requires students to observe the UT Dallas Student Code of Conduct to maintain their eligibility for the program. A student who does not achieve these requirements is given a probationary opportunity to participate in the AES Student Success program. Usually, the penalty for failing to reach the AES requirements is termination.

The AES Student Success program helps students receive one-on-one attention from advisors in the Student Outreach and Academic Retention office. At the SOAR office, students learn to create a personalized academic success plan, discuss challenges and develop creative solutions to the challenges. They also learn about the helpful resources available on the campus such as the Student Counseling Center and the Student Success Center. Students meet their SOAR advisor before the census day usually conducted on the 14th day of classes of the current semester.

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