What Are Some Aeronautical Colleges?

What Are Some Aeronautical Colleges?

Florida Institute of Technology, Daniel Webster College and Tennessee State University are some aeronautical colleges. Boston University located in Massachusetts is also an aeronautical college.

Florida Institute of Technology offers aeronautical programs for graduate and undergraduate students. Students can study in the Melbourne campus or through distance learning. Graduates can pursue employment opportunities in the aviation industry. They can work as flight crew members or airline managers.

Daniel Webster College’s aeronautical engineering program is nationally accredited. It focuses on airplane development, analysis and design. The program prepares students for careers in various areas including aircraft flight testing, military aircraft piloting and jet engine testing. The aeronautical engineering curriculum at Daniel Webster College allows participants to work in teams and use the skills they acquire in the classroom to develop projects. Students also learn how to generate briefings and present them to faculty and peers.

Tennessee State University offers undergraduate degrees in aeronautical and industrial technology. Students can select industrial electronics technology, aviation flight training or aviation management as their area of concentration. Tennessee State University’s department of aeronautical and industrial technology teaches students how to apply the principles of engineering, mathematics and physical sciences courses within the industrial and aeronautical sectors.

Boston University’s aerospace engineering program provides students access to research facilities. Students gain hands-on experience through the BU Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team and the BU Rocket Team.