What Are Some Advantages of Taking College Courses at a Community College?

What Are Some Advantages of Taking College Courses at a Community College?

There are numerous advantages of taking community college courses including saving money, smaller class sizes, flexible class schedules and a large variety of support services. Teachers at community colleges also tend to focus more on teaching and less on independent research.

The largest advantage of studying at a community college is that it costs considerably less than traditional universities. States financially subsidize their community college, allowing students to pay half of what it would cost to attend a traditional four-year college. Community colleges also allow students to live at home while they attend; this saves students thousands of dollars in rent and dormitory fees.

Classes at community college range between 20 and 40 students. Compared to the hundreds of students who attend lectures at universities, this provides the community college's students much greater access to their professors.

Community colleges offer a variety of support services and cross-cultural programs, including tutoring, advising, career planning, study skills and counseling. These services are much more available at smaller community colleges and offer ways to promote student success on a much more personalized level.

Four-year schools often require students to attend full-time. Community college students often work part-time or even full-time jobs. By offering multiple job programs and flexible class schedules, including nights, community colleges help students integrate their education into their pre-existing lives.