What Are the Advantages of the Semester System?

Advantages of the semester system include an easier transferring process from another school and more time to learn and build a relationship with professors, fellow students and course material. A semester system compared with a quarterly system also means fewer hassles with financial aid and buying textbooks.

Many students take classes at more than one college or university at the same time. A semester schedule is more common than a quarterly system, which makes taking such classes much easier. This uniformity also comes into play at graduation, as students at colleges that follow quarterly schedules tend to graduate a month later. A semester schedule typically gives students the best chance at getting jobs right out of school. Semester schedules also provide faculty with more time to review and adjust syllabuses and program requirements. Textbooks also are designed for semester teaching.

Students just entering college may find more benefit in a semester schedule rather than a quarterly. College requirements are usually stricter than high school requirements, and the longer learning time of a semester allows students to adjust to college and class life. It gives them more time than a quarterly schedule to steer back on track if they have gotten a bit off course.