What Are Some Advantages of an MBA Degree?


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Advantages of an MBA degree include increased salary, better opportunities for career development, networking opportunities, skill and knowledge development, and gaining a holistic perspective of the business world. An MBA also increases job security, and niche MBAs create leaders in emerging fields.

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An MBA provides opportunities for higher salaries due to the increased chances of getting into top level management. The higher qualification unlocks new possibilities and senior level roles. A 2015 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council suggests that MBA graduates earn up to $45,000 more than bachelor's degree holders. An MBA graduate is estimated to recoup the educational investment in three to five years.

The faculty, colleague students and other alumni become part of the graduates new network. The new relationships are crucial for job searches, mentoring and professional contacts. The new network of professionals and companies improves the graduate's overview and understanding of the business world. The graduate also acquires new technical skills and knowledge through the MBA programme.

As of 2015, emerging fields in MBA such as e-commerce, brand management and mobile telecommunications provide graduates with opportunities for an exciting career as business leaders. Some employers opt to sponsor employees seeking MBA degrees to retain them in the company. The employees enjoy enhanced job security.

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