What Are Some of the Advantages of Home Schooling Your Child?


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Home schooling a child allows the parents to create an individualized curriculum, possibly improves the quality of learning and offers an effective one-to-one teacher to student ratio. There are a variety of study materials and resources available for home schooling that parents and students can access easily.

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One advantage of a home school curriculum is the ability to tailor a program to meet a child's particular needs. This includes the child's interests and personality, as well as a preferred learning style. Parents create time lines that suit the child's pace of learning. Students can take more time with subjects or material that is more difficult to them. The incorporation of art, sports, computers and other interests allows parents to decrease the child's boredom by using materials and subject matter that inspires them to learn.

Many studies show that students who are home schooled perform better than their traditionally schooled peers on standardized tests. Generally, home schooled children are learning in an atmosphere where they are the only student or one of very few. The ratio of one teacher to one student provides undivided attention to the child's progress, and the continuous educational relationship that develops allows teachers and students to see long-term goals and growth effortlessly. With countless home schooling learning materials available, parents and teachers can find the books, lessons and games that best work for their children.

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