What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Online College Courses?

Some advantages of taking online college courses are that they offer flexibility and convenience and are a useful option for students who are easily distracted in a classroom environment. Some disadvantages are that there is little face-to-face interaction with teachers and fellow students and they may not be a viable learning method if a student is not self-directed or a self-starter, as noted by Petersons.com.

One of the most important benefits of online learning is flexibility because it provides full-time workers the ability to attend college without having to be in a traditional classroom. Students enrolled in an online class also can do their classwork at a time that is more suitable for them, such as in the evenings or during the weekends.

Another advantage is the convenience of not needing to commute to attend a college, which can cut down on transportation expenses, as noted by CollegeToolkit.com. Additionally, students who do not want to move out of state can attend an out-of-state school through the convenience of online education.

Some disadvantages of an online education is that it does not offer the face-to-face encounters that are a part of a traditional classroom setting. In an online class, students interact with peers through online discussion and with professors through email. Because of the lack of a formal structure in online education, this method of learning may not be suitable for students who are not self-directed, disciplined or self-starters. To do well in an online class, students need good time management and organizational skills, states Petersons.com.