What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education?

Advantages of co-education include a healthy competition and economical viability while the disadvantages of co-education include sexual harassment and a lack of concentration. In many cultures, co-education is the less traditional option as boys and girls studying in the same setting may be interpreted as scandalous.

When boys and girls are educated together, there is a stronger sense of competition. The boys often want to do better than the girls and the girls want to show the boys that they are equally as smart. The competition is usually friendly and gives students more motivation to work toward goals. When boys and girls are educated together, there is no need for two separate schools and the costs can be combined. Fewer teachers need to be paid to education children together.

During the secondary education years, sexual harassment is often prevalent in school settings. Boys and girls are growing and learning about their bodies. They will often experiment sexually whether the other party is interested in it or not. When students are attracted to each other, there is also a higher chance for distractions to exist in the classroom. These distractions can lead to inappropriate behavior at school and lower levels of successful education.