What are some advantages of boarding schools for boys?


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The benefits of single-sex boarding school for boys include instruction tailored to the different way boys learn, as well as a lessening of the social pressures that students often feel. There are also general benefits to all boarding schools, including physical isolation and demanding curricula.

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Students can often be beset by many social pressures that are not directly related to school, especially once they reach an age when they begin to take an interest in the opposite sex. By isolating boys from the distraction posed by girls, the effects of this can be minimized. However, this does nothing to stop the distraction for boys who may be interested in other boys, and teenagers in general are quite capable of finding ways to distract one another, romantically or otherwise.

Many of the advantages of boarding school apply to both mix-gender and single-gender boarding schools. These include physical and emotional distance from the pressures and temptations of home, including family issues, friends and the temptations of larger cities. This isolation, combined with boarding schools' reputations for strong academic programs, top faculty and well-appointed facilities, can give students of any ability the leg up they need to succeed. Finally, boarding schools inculcate in students a strong sense of personal responsibility, as students must be responsible for managing their own schedules to a much greater degree than they would be at home.

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