What Adult Learning Lessons Does the BBC Offer?

The BBC offers English and math lessons for adults through its Skillswise program. Its general adult learning site has been archived and is no longer updated as of 2015.

The Skillswise English courses are aimed at the British audience of the BBC and teach U.K. English. Both these and the math courses are intended for adults below the British GCSE standard. The BBC recommends using the courses in conjunction with a class or learning center, but they can also be used alone. For more-advanced adult learners, the BBC recommends its GCSE Bitesize website, where the material provides more of a challenge.

The BBC has been providing adult education materials since the 1920s. These materials include radio lectures, educational television, printed resources mailed to viewers upon request, a telephone helpline, educational events at colleges and online lessons.

The BBC credits its 1975 television drama series "On the Move" and its accompanying educational campaign for increasing awareness of illiteracy and driving enrollment of more than 125,000 people in adult education courses. A similar campaign in 1993 helped even greater numbers of adult learners. The BBC's modern campaigns focus on the Internet rather than television, but educational broadcasts on television and radio continue as a secondary focus.