How Do You Get Free Adult ESL Lessons?

How Do You Get Free Adult ESL Lessons?

Those interested in free English as a Second Language lessons can obtain them online at USA Learns, which is offered by the United States Department of Education. Learners who prefer to attend free ESL lessons in a classroom setting can search for local classes at America's Literacy Directory.

Use the following steps to find free local ESL lessons through the America's Literacy Directory website:

  1. Go to the America's Literacy Directory website
  2. Go to the website for America's Literacy Directory. If the current location of the computer is detected, the home page will automatically show all adult educational programs within 5 miles.

  3. Enter the parameters
  4. At minimum, enter the street address, city and state or ZIP code of the desired location. Choose to limit the distance to 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 250 miles.

  5. Enter any filters
  6. Click the box next to "English as a Second Language" to view only ESL lessons. Click on the box next to any other desired lessons, such as adult secondary education, citizenship or civics education and adult basic education.

  7. Display the ESL lessons
  8. Click on "Search" to view a list of nearby ESL lessons. The programs will be display on the map provided. Each program will show the address, driving directions and contact information. If a website is available, a link will also be displayed. Participants should contact an individual ESL program to determine if it is free and available before attending.