What Are the Admission Steps for West Point?

Follow the admission steps for West Point by meeting the basic criteria, creating an online candidate file, filling out admissions forms and applying for a nomination. Required testing includes the SAT or ACT Plus Writing, a medical exam and the Candidate Fitness Assessment.

  1. Meet the basic criteria

    To apply to the United States Military Academy at West Point, be a U.S. citizen, unmarried, not pregnant, not supporting any children, and between 17 and 22 years old. Have an exemplary high school academic record, and participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.

  2. Create a candidate file

    Create a preliminary candidate file by the spring of your junior year in high school. Fill out the pre-candidate questionnaire. If the admissions committee determines you are a competitive candidate, you are sent additional forms. Complete these, and return them as soon as possible.

  3. Apply for a nomination

    Apply for as many eligible nominations as you can, including to your Congressional representative, U.S. senators and the U.S. vice president. Only candidates with nominations are considered for admission.

  4. Take a medical exam

    Take the medical exam from the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board. The review board sends you a letter stipulating the date and location of the exam, which may be at a civilian or an Army medical facility.

  5. Take the Candidate Fitness Assessment

    Schedule the Candidate Fitness Assessment with your physical education teacher or a qualified military officer. The six events include a kneeling basketball throw, pullups, a 40-yard shuttle run, abdominal crunches, pushups and a 1-mile run.