How Do You Adjust the Study Island App for Your Child's Learning Level?


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Parents do not have access to student learning levels and difficulty settings in Study Island. The software determines a child's learning level by administering a short pre-test in each subject before the child begins using the application, and teachers have the ability to make adjustments to individual student levels based on their educational needs.

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Study Island is a test preparation program used by numerous school districts in the United States as a supplement to their primary curricula. The Adjust Student Difficulty setting is one of several features that allow administrators and educators to customize Study Island to meet the needs of individual classrooms and students.

Teachers may access these settings through the admin page of the application or by following the instructions provided by their schools or districts. To make the program more challenging, a teacher may raise the passing requirements for one or more students in one or all subjects. For example, instead of a typical passing percentage of 70 percent, a student may need to show a 90 percent proficiency to advance to the next level. A teacher may also set a child's learning level to higher or lower grade materials with the Restrict Access option. Teachers can also enable text-to-speech or limited-answer-choice features for students with special needs.

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