What Are Some Activities for Teaching Vocabulary?

Some activities for teaching vocabulary include a Word A Day, Vocabulary Building Puzzles and Mystery Word. Each of these activities helps children learn new words while having fun.

The Word A Day activity helps to build a child or adult's vocabulary over time. Teachers can create a word-a-day calendar or assign a new word each day. The information needs to include the word, type of speech, definition and pronunciation. Throughout the day, the teacher encourages the students to use the word in a sentence and as part of their talks.

Vocabulary Building Puzzles include word searches and crossword puzzles. Teachers can create their own word searches and crossword puzzles using the current week's vocabulary. MyVocabulary.com offers some fun vocabulary-building games, including root word, subject words and puzzles based on themes. Teachers can create a system to track successful puzzle completion and keep it on the classroom bulletin board.

Mystery Word is a fun activity that gives the student clues to discover a mystery word. There are categories of mystery words, such as compound words, words within words, similes and oxymorons. In the compound word section, there are two clues, one for the first half of the compound word and one for the second half of the word. This helps students discover the words on their own.