What Are Some Activities That Teach About Consonant Blends?


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Activities that teach consonant blends include scavenger hunts and worksheets. One common method of teaching consonant blends is teaching one letter group at a time, such as consonant blends that have "r" as the second letter.

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To create a consonant-blend scavenger hunt, the teacher writes consonant blends on index cards with one consonant blend per card. The teacher gives one card to a student and goes over the sound with the student. The student then collects as many items as possible that use that consonant blend within a set time limit. The student receives one point for each item. Multiple students can compete to see who earns the most points.

Consonant-blend worksheets often use pictures. One type of worksheet activity includes pictures and multiple consonant blends with each picture. The student circles the correct consonant blend for that picture. Another activity includes pictures and words with all the letters except the consonant blend. The student fills in the correct consonant blend for the picture to complete the word.

Matching worksheet activities are another teaching method for consonant blends. Matching worksheets include multiple consonant blends and pictures. The student finds the word that each picture represents and then matches that word to the appropriate consonant blend.

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