What Are Some Activities That Studyladder Provides?


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Studyladder provides interactive online learning activities, videos, worksheets and practice exercises in subjects including literacy, math, science, music and art. If math is the focus, the teacher chooses activities related to a sub-topic such as fractions, specifies grade level and selects from activities such as interactive whiteboard exercises and videos.

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Learning activities and a variety of printable materials categorized by subject, sub-topic and grade level are also available for download by parents and teachers. Students establish individual accounts within Studyladder to track their progress, which is visually represented by the aging of their personal avatars, which may or may not appeal to all students.

A limited version of Studyladder that allows each student to engage in three activities per day is available at no cost. Teachers using Studyladder generally report that the free version provides an adequate array of functions, including the number and depth of activities, the ability to track a student's progress, and rewards and printable certificates for students as they progress.

Studyladder is aligned with Common Core State Standards. Teachers can create classes within Studyladder, and many use Studyladder content and resources to supplement their classroom work. It also provides a number of ancillary resources for teachers, including templates for structuring communication with parents and guidelines for organizing classes within the Studyladder website.

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