What Are Some of the Activities on the Quaver's Marvelous World of Music Program?

Some teaching activities in Quaver's Marvelous World of Music Program are QLibs, where students fill in blanks to learn music vocabulary; Musical Tracks, with listening activities featuring classic composers; and Instrument Anatomies, which identifies the parts of a musical instrument. Student activities include Style Venues, where students explore a musical style in its typical venue; Composer Puzzles, where users rearrange a composer’s portrait while listening to his compositions; and QSynth, where students manipulate a waveform to hear how it sounds.

Throughout Quaver's Marvelous World of Music Program, company co-founder Graham Hepburn plays the character of Quaver, who takes students on a virtual tour of his music shop, encouraging them to learn about the world of music. The Quaver character is featured in a DVD series, in animated form in teaching resources, and as a guide for students visiting the program's website, QuaverMusic.com.

The Quaver Curriculum has 12 thematic threads, including Playing Instruments, Evaluating Music, Theory and Notation, World Music and Cultures, and Musical Styles. According to the Quaver Music website, the company designed the classroom program to use games and activities to help students to develop a love of music and creativity while providing them with a comprehensive music education. The website supplements Quaver’s General Music Curriculum and allows students to delve deeper into the topics at home.