What Are Some Activities at Mindvalley Academy?


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Mindvalley Academy offers various online training programs, including Consciousness Engineering, Advanced Chakra Wisdom, American Monk, Astral Projection and HeartMastery, as of 2015. The online university also provides courses such as Abundance for Life, Discover Qi, NeuroTuning, The Creation Method and Awaken Your Inner Philosopher.

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The Creation Method is a home training program to maximize creative potential for writing high-quality content, including articles, blog posts and books. Designed by content creation expert Michael Drew, the program is divided into three modules – Know Yourself, Know Your Audience and Know Your Creative Potential. The program features mind exercises, persona architecture tools and creative techniques. Users also learn to shut their left brains to write effectively without analytical obstacles.

Consciousness Engineering is a training program and framework that covers tips and techniques to enhance human potential and achieve success. The program consists of coaching episodes by experts from various fields, offering lessons on relationships, work-life balance, meditation and psychology. Vishen Lakhiani, founder and chief executive officer of Mindvalley, is the developer of Consciousness Engineering.

Mindvalley Academy’s OmLife includes five OmHarmonics audio tracks that offer specially engineered binaural beats to aid in meditation. The audio allows listeners to reach the alpha level of consciousness for greater focus, productivity and a tranquil state of mind.

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