What Are Some Activities to Help Kids Remember Their Times Tables?


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Some activities to help students remember their times tables are fact triangle flash cards and games using playing cards and dice. Some games that students can play are Multiplication Snap, Two Hands and Roll the Dice.

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Fact triangles are an alternative to the traditional flash cards that only help practice either multiplication or division. Fact triangles have three numbers on each card. Students cover up one of the numbers and have their partner guess the missing number using the other two numbers. Sometimes they need to use multiplication and sometimes they need to use division.

To play Multiplication Snap, remove all the face cards from a deck of cards. Divide the cards evenly between two players, and then each player turns over a card at the same time. The students have to multiply the two numbers together and call out the answer. Whoever does it faster, gets to take the two cards. At the end of a set time, the player with the most cards wins the game.

For Roll the Dice, each player takes a turn to roll two dice and multiplies the resulting number by a set number, depending on the times table being tested. In Two Hands, students count to three, and then use their hands to represent a number. Each student tries to multiply the two numbers together faster than the other person.

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