What Activities Develop Students' Creative Thinking?

activities-develop-students-creative-thinking Credit: Tim Platt/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Listening to music and painting nurtures creativity in students, according to Global Post. The class can play "Questions Without Answer," which is a game where difficult questions are asked for everyone to answer. Students can create a haiku, and they must insert three chosen words in the poem.

"Loose Ends" is a game that requires hanging two pieces of string that hang parallel from a jungle gym. The strings should be close together, but they should be far enough to the point where someone holding one string cannot touch the other. The group must find a way to tie the strings.

"Chicken, Rice and Dog" is a game in which students need to figure out how to move a dog, chicken and rice across a river; however, a boat only holds one person and one item at a time. The team must think of how to successfully move everything without the dog eating the chicken and the chicken eating the rice.

"Tom Swifty" is a writing game where a list of words are presented, and the children must come up with the appropriate Tom Swifty phrase. A Tom Swifty is a sentence attached with a pun. "Squiggles" is a game that requires a piece of paper with a squiggle line drawn on it. The children should create an image from the line. Add objects or categories to make it more challenging.