What Are Some Activities That Can Be Coupled With Teaching Children Winter Poems?


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Teaching children about winter weather pairs well with winter poetry. The poems can be paired with science lessons about temperature, barometric pressure and the creation of winter precipitation. After reading the poems and leaning the science behind winter weather, children can create their own winter scenes relating to their learning.

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Prior knowledge can be assessed using various online quiz sources such as any from SCIED.UCAR.edu. Once a child's prior knowledge is assessed, then age-dependent lessons regarding the science behind winter weather can be created. Resources to aid in this planning can be found at K12Science.org.

After students have read and studied the poetry and the science, they can demonstrate their knowledge by creating artistic displays of various winter scenes. They can do this through drawing, creating dioramas, online creations or any other medium. Presenting their representations can add a speaking and listening component to the project as well.

Winter poetry lessons could also serve as a chance to teach students about haiku and the other seasons. They could observe winter, read other winter poetry and then write their own haiku. This would require instruction on syntax and parts of speech. Haiku poetry exposes students to the idea of concisely stating a perspective and allows them to experiment with various syntax structures.

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