How Do You Take an ACT Preparation Test?


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Take an ACT preparation test on 4Tests.com, VarsityTutors.com and MHPracticePlus.com, as of 2015. All three websites allow visitors to take an ACT preparation test online and see the results upon completion. MHPracticePlus.com also features coaching videos to help solve different types of ACT problems. VarsityTutors.com provides detailed results to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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Take an ACT preparation test on 4Tests.com by clicking ACT on the left side of the home page, selecting the subjects to test and then clicking Start The Exam. Questions appear one at a time. Visitors select answers and then click Next.

Take an ACT preparation test on VarsityTutors.com by clicking Test, Problems & Flashcards at the bottom of the home page, clicking ACT on the next page and then clicking 1200 Practice Tests. The next page organizes practice tests by subject. Click a subject and then click Practice Tests to begin a test.

Take an ACT preparation test on MHPracticePlus.com by clicking ACT Center on the homepage and then clicking Begin Practice Tests on the next page. Select a practice test, and click Start to begin a test. Visitors have the option of taking a timed or untimed test. To view coaching videos, select a link at the bottom of the ACT page.

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