What Are Some ACT Compass Practice Test Questions?

ACT Compass provides tests to evaluate mathematics, reading, writing skills, writing essays and English as a second language, to be used by colleges and universities to place students in proper courses for their skill level. ACT offers practice questions for each of these test types on its website.

Mathematics, reading and writing skills sample questions are provided in a multiple choice format. The essay writing section offers the test taker a sample essay topic and grading guidelines for that topic. Answers are found at the bottom of the Web page for the first three categories. More questions for mathematics, reading and writing skills are available as PDFs; these documents also contain a solution key.

The English as a second language material contains several evaluation options, including listening, reading and grammar usage. Sample test questions provided are broken out by the language level of the student. These questions are also multiple choice, and solutions are presented with each question.

Independent websites offer practice tests for test takers to prepare for their exams. MyCompassTest provides both tests and a study guide for algebra and pre-algebra portions of the exam. Test-Guide has practice tests in the areas of mathematics, reading and writing skills. It offers the test questions, answers and explanations of the answers for the student.