What Are Some ACLS Practice Test Questions?


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Advanced Cardiac Life Support practice test questions include “Which of the following statements is true regarding the use of vasopressors?” and “If the patient appears conscious, the rescuer should use which survey for initial assessment?” ACLS certification proves a person is capable of treating adult victims of cardiac arrest and other cardiac emergencies, so questions cover a range of topics including initial assessments of patients, medication and post-cardiac arrest care.

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ACLS.com provides 12 practice tests in the free resources section. As of 2015, if a user passes five or more of the practice tests, discounts may be applied against the cost of ACLS certification. Each of the tests consists of multiple choice questions. Users are informed whether the correct choice was made after each answer is selected rather than at the end of the quiz, making these practice test questions a valuable resource for learning the correct responses.

Practice test questions often revolve around emergency scenarios. One such question is: “Your unresponsive, apneic and pulseless patient has just received a shock from the AED that arrived just moments ago. After the shock has been delivered, what should you do?” Other test questions ask for definitions of acronyms such as MACE and AED. Typically, practice tests are shorter than the final examination and contain up to a dozen questions.

ACLS certification is available online after the completion of a final examination. The ACLS exam consists of 50 questions and can be taken 24/7. Final examinations do not have a time limit and successful completion of the exam results in PDF certification confirmation.

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