How Do You Access Renaissance Place AR Tests?

Renaissance Place, the Web version of Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader software program can be found at A downloadable desktop version of the program is also offered by, and the AR Student mobile application is available on iTunes.

Accelerated Reader, a tool developed by Renaissance learning and often implemented in educational institutions, serves to assess students' reading levels, determines whether or not a student has read a particular book, and suggests book titles of an appropriate reading level for the student. Students new to the Accelerated Reader system are given an adaptive, computerized exam and assigned a grade level equivalent to their demonstrated reading comprehension skills. Students are then free to test their comprehension of any book they have read that exists in the Accelerated Reader program by taking short, multiple-choice quizzes derived from the material of the book.

Once registered with Accelerated Reader, students can access quizzes for any book located in the Accelerated Reader system by visiting Renaissance Place, Renaissance Learning's online portal and signing in as a student. Teachers, administrators and other nonstudent users of Renaissance Place can also access the program. Book quizzes on the online portal are identical to the mobile and desktop versions of the software.