How Do You Access Practice Tests for Nursing School Exams?


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As of 2015, TestPreview.com and MightyNurse.com provide site visitors with access to practice tests for nursing school exams. TestPreview.com offers modules with different subjects in each that relate to questions found on nursing school exams. MightyNurse.com offers four practice exams specifically designed to help prepare students for the NCLEX exam, which nurses must pass to become certified. Studying these questions can help prepare students for nursing school exams.

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TestPreview.com offers modules in a variety of nursing-related disciplines, including algebra, geometry, vocabulary and science. Clicking on any module takes the user to the self-assessment exam, which is a series of multiple choice questions. Scrolling down on the page reveals the answers to each question as well as explanations for why they are correct.

The MightyNurse.com site offers four preparatory exams that are coded by color, including a yellow, blue, red and green exam. After clicking on the desired exam, users then click on the blue Start button to begin practicing. Each test has 30 multiple choice questions that it presents one at a time. Users must click on their chosen answer before moving on to the next question, and the site gives them immediate feedback by telling them the correct answer and an explanation for why it is correct.

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