How Do You Access Pinnacle Gradebook for Broward Schools?

The Pinnacle Gradebook for Broward schools is accessed through the official Pinnacle viewer at the Gradebook website or a school's official website. To view the electronic Gradebook, the student's county issued ID and PIN must be inputted. The student's name is withheld in the report for security purposes.

The student's ID serves as the Pinnacle Gradebook's login. It is a unique 10-digit number issued to every student. It is commonly found in the student's schedule and may show up with an 'x' at the end. The PIN is the student's birth date in the form of YYYY/MM/DD. Do not use spaces, dashes or any other characters in the PIN. After providing the information, select the specific school in the dropdown menu then press LOGIN. The student's ID and PIN remain the same after a student transfers schools within the district.

A good list of information about the Pinnacle viewer can be found at For important disclaimers about the Pinnacle Gradebook's accuracy and 'School Attendance' codes, visit

The Pinnacle Gradebook is a school offered service for teachers, students, parents or guardians. It is used to automatically distribute or check a student's progress with additional ease. Teachers input grades into the system no longer than two weeks after the due dates of assignments and exams. In addition to grades, other reports can be viewed such as missed assignments and discipline related notifications.