How Do You Access Lexia For Kids?

How Do You Access Lexia For Kids?

Users can access Lexia via an Internet browser, a desktop download or an iPad app by entering their provided username and password. Prior to accessing Lexia, ensure that the device used meets the system requirements.

After purchasing the software, the user receives an email with instructions on how to proceed. Next, download the Lexia software. To access the software download, the user must accept the Lexia license agreement terms. The Web page provides installation instructions, system requirements and the software downloads.

Select the appropriate version of the software based on the operating system of the computer. Follow the instructions prompted on the screen during the installation process. When the software prompts for a customer code, enter the 16-digit customer code of the student. Click the Next button and then the Finish button.

Remember to configure all the content-filtering software, browsers and firewalls on the computer to allow access to the Lexia website. The Lexia Reading icon appears on the desktop after installation. To launch the software, double-click on the icon, and then enter the username and password.

To obtain the username and password, visit the website, and submit the form with the requested details. The website generates a username and password within 24 hours. Enter the student username and password to access the account.